Modern man’s plight by Mike…

When I opened my eyes, The first thing I heard was a bomb blastI was told that in it my father was lost. I was brought up in terror,Where the firing was my regular lullabyKilling was common not knowing who and why??? I was supposed to symbolise peaceBut I was taught the lessons of violence […]

Modern man’s plight by Mike…

You are my L♥️ve

You are the sun of my days
That brings the light in different ways

You are the moon of my night.
That glows so bright

You are the rain in my driest life
Like a pleasant sound of the fife.

You are the adore star in the galaxy
Making my life beauty and fancy

You are the beautiful and innocent
Like a rosy fragrance of the scent.

It’s your love that attracts me towards you,
Whether there were no things as cue.

Your are so cute, witty, and careful
That make my moments colorful.

Essentials of Literature

Literature is the artistic expression of thought, which is replete with feelings and imagination. it is expressed in such an untechnical form as to make it intelligible and give aesthetic pleasure and relief to the mind of the common man.

According to Lord Morely : ” Literature consists of all books where moral truth and human passion are touched with a certain largeness, sanity, and attraction of form.“

In other words Literature heightens our awareness of human life. It enables us to look at nature with new eyes. It interprets with charm of language the experiences and spiritual intuitions of man.

Literature is one of the instruments, and one of the most powerful instruments for forming character, for giving us, characters armed with reason, braced by knowledge, clothed with steadfastness and courage, and inspired by the public spirit and public virtue of which it has been well said that they are the brightest ornaments of the mind of man.

Bacon rightly bides us by saying ‘read not to contradict and refute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and to consider.’

the literary student is one who through books explores the strange voyages of man’s moral reason, the impulses of the human heart, the chances and changes that have overtaken human ideals of virtue and happiness, of conduct and manners, and the shifting fortunes of great conceptions of truth and virtue. 

Poets, dramatists, humorists, satirists, masters of fiction, the great preachers, the character-writers, the maxim-writers, the great political orators— they all are men of literature insofar as they teach us to know man and to know human nature.

According to Emerson : “Literature is the record of best Thoughts.” 
By Literature, We mean the written thoughts and feelings of intelligent men and women arranged in a wa

According to cardinal Newman, the object of Literature is to open the mind, to correct it, to refine, to enable it to comprehend and digest its knowledge, to give it power over its own faculties, application, flexibility, method, critical exact, sagacity, address, and expressions. 

When I read about writing

Writing is not everybody’s cup of coffee like me. For doing writing one better have a good diction, good ideas, thoughts, and so on and so forth. All these comes with vast reading that is the worriment of we ordinary students. We don’t want to spend much of our time on reading good books that enrich the idea, bring the flows in writing and nurture our cogitation.

Going ahead, yesterday when I was reading about the writing and developing the good diction I found myself very poor. I being student of English Literature having a simple diction that I developed to convey my message earlier but I’d been reserved with that one.

Pope once stated that words are like leaves, and where they most abound, much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found. I found his statement as worth while that pushed me ahead to write better and read more for developing diction.

How beautifully the Bacon states,”Studies serve for delight; for ornament and; for ability. From ornament what I sense that he means when we study we get the treasure of the words and bring the charm in our language, make our speech as beautiful as fragrance of the red roses, and bestow us with the way to propagate the good.